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Pork Butchering Form



Would you like a blade roast?

Would you like the blade roast smoked?

Would you like a loin roast?

Would you like the loin roast smoked?


Would you like country style ribs?

How would you like the shoulders cut?

Would you like the shoulders smoked?


Would you like ham roasts?

Would you like the ham roasts smoked?

Would you like center cuts?

Would you like the center cuts smoked?

Would you like ham steaks?

Would you like the ham steaks smoked?

Select Thickness of ham steaks:

Pork Chops

Select thickness of pork chops:

How many pork chops per package:


Select thickness of bacon:

How many pounds per package:

Sausage Flavors

Choose only one for half side, choose two for a whole pig.


If interested, choose any of the following.

How many pounds of salt pork would you like?

Special Requests:

All customers will receive ribs.

Any unpaid balance is due at time of pick up or delivery.

Mail completed Butchering Form to:
Casa Cattle Company, 151 Nokomis Road, Corinna, Maine 04928

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